This site has been created for University of Michigan students by Scott Moore, a professor at the Ross School of Business. It has been assembled in order to provide some background related to databases. It has information about

The content of this site has existed in various forms since the mid-1990s. I translated it to wikidot so that Financial Engineering Masters students would be able to access it during their boot camp which first included databases in Summer 2008. This year's schedule is also available on this wiki.

While reading this site, if you see something that needs fixing — fix it! If you want to add a question, then do so! That's the whole reason that I put this in a wiki format. It's quick and easy to make these changes, so go ahead and do it.

What to do (for students)

I expect that you will have read the pages related to normalization and ER modeling and worked through the associated exercises before you come to class (but, if you don't get this material until too late, then I guess I won't worry about this!). We'll work through the SQL tutorials in class. I do not expect that you will understand everything when you walk into class — I will be lecturing on this material and providing exercises for you to work on in class. This will provide you an opportunity to ask questions and explore your understanding of the material.

You should generally follow the menu at the top of the screen. Read through the normalization pages and then the ER modeling pages. (As stated above, we will work through the SQL pages in class.) When you read these pages, you should also be sure to do the problems (and check the online answers).

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