Answer to Problem 2.3

There are no derived data attributes and no repeating groups.

Remove the multi-valued attribute (the parts attribute) from the table. Put this in the new Component table, described next. This leaves the Product table with only the ID and Price attributes. This table has three rows, one for each part. The primary identifier for this table is the ID attribute.

Create a new Component table. This table will have at least one attribute: Component part (from above). This is not complete since we do not know what this is a component of. We need the ID attribute from the other relation to provide this information. Thus, this table has two attributes: id and component. This relation is interpreted as defining the components for a particular product. This table has eight rows, one for each idcomponent pair. The primary identifier for this relation is the id and component pair. Neither one is able to uniquely identify a row so the combination must be used.

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