University ER exercise: Answers to Exploration questions
  1. holds: no. chair: no. advisor: yes. has dept: no.
  2. advisor, teach, qual, position, dept
  3. advisor: 2 (prof, student). position: 2 (prof, dept). enroll: 2 (student, section).
  4. Two foreign keys, both from the course table. These are probably called course and prereq (or something like that anyway).
  5. 0 (the circle on the line next to section below enroll)
  6. 1 (the 1 between chair and dept and the 1 between has-dept and college)
  7. many (the m between has-dept and dept and the 1 between chair and prof)
  8. 1 (the dash on the line between has-depth and dept and the dash on the line between position and prof
  9. 1 (the dash between offered and course)
  10. 0 (the dash between offered and course and the circle between has-section and section)

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