Normalization exercise: Chips

Consider the table below which contains sample data for parts and for vendors who supply those parts. In discussing these data with users, we find that part numbers (but not descriptions) uniquely identify parts, and that vendor names uniquely identify vendors.

Parts Supply List
Part # Description Vendor name Address Unit cost
1234 Logic chip Fast Chips Cupertino 10.00
Smart Chips Phoenix 8.00
5678 Memory chip Fast Chips Cupertino 3.00
Quality Chips Austin 2.00
Smart Chips Phoenix 5.00
  1. Perform all the steps of the normalization process in order to get this relation into 1NF. What is the primary key of this relation? Draw the determinancy diagram.
  2. How many primary keys are there?
  3. How many fields are there in the primary key(s)?
  4. Put the this information into 3NF. State any assumptions you have to make.
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