Answer to Chips exercise

1) Here's the diagram:
The primary key of this relation is [part #, vendor name].

2) There is one primary key in this relation.

3) There are two fields (attributes) in the primary key.

4) Here's the determinancy diagram:

The database table descriptions look like the following:
Vendor(name*, address)
Part(num*, description)
VendorPart(part#*, vendor*, unit cost)

The database tables look like the following:

name address
Fast Chips Cupertino
Smart Chips Phoenix
Quality Chips Austin
num description
1234 Logic chip
5678 Memory chip
Vendor Part
part # vendor unit cost
1234 Fast Chips 10
1234 Smart Chips 8
5678 Fast Chips 3
5678 Quality Chips 2
5678 Smart Chips 5

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