Normalization exercise: Class List

Here we are presented with the following form. Note that one section can have only one professor, one professor can teach more than one section, a student can only have one major, several courses can have the same course title, and professors can share an office.

Ross School of Business
Class list
Fall semester 2008
Course: BIT330 Section: 3
Title: Web-based Information Resources
Instructor ID: 1253 Name: Norma L. Form
Instructor Office: E2616
Student # Name Major Grade
38214 Bright BIT A
40875 Cortez FIN B
51893 Edwards BIT A
  1. Perform all the steps of the normalization process in order to get this relation into 1NF. What is the primary key of this relation? Draw the determinancy diagram.
  2. How many primary keys are there?
  3. How many fields are there in the primary key(s)?
  4. Find a partial key dependency in this relation.
  5. Find a transitive dependency in this relation.
  6. Transform this into determinancy diagrams that are in 3NF using the graph method. State any assumptions you have to make.
  7. Now how many primary keys are there?
  8. How many tables are there?
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